Our Community




HOUSE would not be able to stand without our valuable partners.

We are grateful for our adopted communities, school partners, enterprise partners, and organization partners for their support in providing education, employment, training, policy and program reinforcement, and family care for our scholars.

By helping each other, we are able to reach out to more and more youth.





Social Innovators

Alongside Krie, Marge, and Bambi are a team of passionate leaders that come from a variety of backgrounds. Together, they all work towards the same goal of helping as many young adults in the best and most sustainable and replicable way possible.

Krie Reyes-Lopez

Chief Innovator

At the end of her 8-year career in the corporate world, dabbling in key positions in supply chain, finance, marketing, and social responsibility, Krie decided to go on her own, beginning with learning about what was then a new concept, social entrepreneurship, at the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco. Krie then founded HOUSE as a project in 2006 in the hopes of creating a group of enterprises focused on providing employment and rehabilitation for at-risk young adults. In 2007, she single-handedly established Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc., a breakthrough social enterprise that is focused on providing a holistic poverty alleviation program for disadvantaged youth. At the onset of the first college graduate, Krie led the establishment of HOUSE Foundation in 2016. She continues to lead HOUSE’s efforts in creating innovative solutions for the complex challenges that come with today’s at-risk youth.

Marge Defensor

Chief Impact Creator

After setting up and managing her own social enterprise Indie Art, a graphic-design-centered product line made by women from depressed communities, Marge joined Krie in 2010 as Messy Bessy’s first director for people center (human resources). Since then, Marge has led and grown the most innovative team of the company, designing and implementing dynamic and cutting edge experience-based modules that address the most complex of challenges that deal with self-esteem, motivation, trauma, financial literacy, sexual health, work ethic, informal and formal education. Her work on measurable and significant social impact has gained her a critical position in the Active Citizen’s Programme of the British Council that is committed to advocating social entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Bambi Defensor

Chief Sustainability Officer

After years of providing invaluable consultation for Messy Bessy, Bambi finally crossed over from the multinational world to join Marge and Krie. Her most transformative role was as Chief Operating Officer of multi-billion peso nonprofit that generates revenues through distribution and marketing of fast moving consumer goods. The success of this nonprofit enabled the organization to open other social marketing programs in developing countries such as Congo and Pakistan. With this wealth of experience, Bambi has quickly become the team’s leader that ensures sustainability, scalability, and replicability of the social innovation that is at the core of HOUSE.