More Than A Scholarship

For hundreds of Filipino youth who are impoverished, abused, and trafficked, providing them with an education scholarship is not enough to give them a better life. Bereft of social values and professional ethics, many fail to finish school or keep their jobs.

We at HELPING OURSELVES THROUGH SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISES (HOUSE) FOUNDATION have made it our mission to educate, employ, and empower at-risk youth to give them a second start in life.

Through our breakthrough holistic education system, we help them become responsible, conscientious, and productive professionals and citizens.

Poverty Cycle


Millions of Filipino youth drop out of school not only because of poverty, but also the lack of drive and commitment to finish. HOUSE helps disadvantaged youth
develop skills and values they need to stay on and continue what they started,
so that they can help themselves.

Our Breakthrough Program

HELPING OURSELVES PROGRAM (HOP) is a unique curriculum that we developed over eight years. Our multidisciplinary approach focuses on four pillars:


More than providing a high school or college education, HOP teaches our scholars personal accountability, financial discipline, and other essential skills and values they need for long-term employment and personal success.