How Can You Help? Your involvement can change a life. Here are ways you can help.


Your donation will enable us to take in more at-risk young adults into our program. All donations can be made to: Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises (HOUSE) Foundation, Inc. Here’s where your money can go:


Take in our at-risk young adults into your businesses and help them help themselves. We can design a custom program for your company to allow you to partner with us in enabling our young adults to get themselves out of poverty.

We can enhance your company’s corporate social responsibility by creating mechanisms for you to provide not only work training, but even mentorships and shared expertise.


We welcome volunteers who would be interested in tutoring high school and college students in various subjects, executing values formation modules, counseling and mentoring. For more information, contact (632)-844-5133.


When you purchase Messy Bessy products, all of its proceeds go directly to the House Foundation to fund many of its programs. So not only do you enjoy our fine products, you also get to help build a future our beneficiaries.